CTSA instruction will be held in a 4,000 square foot, state-of-the-art tactical shooting and training facility. Our 25 yard full-tactical gun range meets aII US and OSHA Standards and is OSHA certified.

The planned facility is in the heart of Hampton Roads at the corner of Chesapeake Boulevard and Fisherman’s Road in Norfolk, Virginia, it will have three distinct areas:
Firing range
• Classroom setting
• Hand-to-hand defense training area

Each of the three areas will be flexible and can be configured for multiple uses. The firing range, for example, can be reconfigured for competition shooting from the seven stations. The classroom can be reconfigured for meeting areas, displays, briefings and traditional training.

All areas will be staffed with expert certified, in-house instructors. The indoor firing range will contain the latest equipment required for safety, soundproofing and practice scenarios.

The classroom will be used for instruction of methods of self-defense, operation of small firearms, proper home and neighborhood safety awareness, assessment and prevention techniques and reviewing safety rules of the firing range. Instruction will be given for preparing both beginners and experts for live practice on the firing range.

The hand-to-hand defense facility will be used for teaching a variety of self-defense procedures. Participants be outfitted with protective gear  and will train on cushioned mats. We will include self-defense training and safety to all citizens, from youth groups to seniors, as part of our mission to serve the community.


Citizens Tactical and Safety Association Mission Statement

1. Educate and Train individual and organizations from youth groups to seniors.

2. Teach methods of self-defense, operation of small firearms, proper home and neighborhood safety awareness, assessment and prevention techniques.

3. CTSA is a non-political group with the rights of American citizens working for the betterment of our country.

As CTSA grows, we will progress to
the next phases of our program.
 Mission Statement
Phases 2 & 3

Phase 2. Our Warrior Retreat.
This retreat will allow active duty military or law enforcement personnel that have suffered a life altering injury or performed an act of heroism to rest and reflect in a safe and calming environment in the Caribbean.

Phase 3. Transitional housing
Provide for those same individuals in order to help ease the adjustments they may need to make in their everyday lives.

Citizens’ Tactical & Safety Association is a nonprofit (501c3) organization. We are not affiliated with any political group.
Address: 8475 Chesapeake Blvd., Unit A Norfolk, VA 23518 • Phone: 757.672.2157